Here you can look for the legal terms and conditions needed to underpin while being associated with Prolynxs and technologies in plain terms. We have designed our services with a user-friendly approach for you. You are suggested to refer policies every now and then consenting to updates. It will help you understand our standard working procedure and enjoy our services to meet your demands.

Privacy Policy

Our terms and conditions highlight the areas on how we manage our work, collect, and use information at our website about the products and services we provide. Our privacy policies are designed to serve multiple purposes, for a start, we respect the importance of keeping your information confidential, so your credentials are safe with us. Therefore, we ensure you that your information is safe with us. Even if you have received our promotional emails or messages, that is only to guide you with the best to select.

As a part of our community, we are honoured to share our privacy policies with you. We, here are offering you quality services related to web designing, SEM, SEO, web development, domain, SSL, VPS, web hosting, web maintenance, and Content writing. The content we are using to offer you your required services are unique. Our clients are required to comply with the terms and policy structure of Prolynxs and Technologies. You are required to follow the code of conduct and avoid advertising the third party content associated with our name.

Ads, Cookies, and Tracking Policies

We, at Prolynxs and Technologies (along with our sponsors and advertising partners), use different technologies to understand our customer’s needs. We aim to accommodate them with our tracking services. It includes HTTP cookies, HTML5, and Flash local storage for different purposes.

We might need to use cookies for different reasons. Primary, we aim to improve your online experience. Your login information is saved on our website. We even track the reviewing experience for later use. Though, you are the one to allow us cookies’ use.

Suspension or Blockage

We reserve the rights to block or remove you from visiting our website. It would happen in case of violating the law or the third party rights defined under the terms and conditions of Prolynxs and technologies. Any breach may cause termination or blockage without any notice, it may lead to dormant for a minimum of three months.

Access to content

Subjected to the terms and conditions of Prolynxs and Technologies, our clients have the access to our product and service portfolio to have an idea about what we are sharing/offering to you. Clients are required to follow the code of conduct before being associated with the company. So once, you have selected from our product and service portfolio, we will be able to guide you accordingly.

Contact Us

If you still have queries about the terms and conditions, we are working, feel free to contact us at You can also seek your answers through our FAQs Good Day!